Wednesday, 13 July 2011


The conversion land from forest to agriculture resulted of deforestation in widespread.Apart from reducing the amount of the original forests and forest biodiversity and wildlife,deforestation also contribute to soil erosion,deposition,damage to the slope and landslide in Malaysia.Deforestation continued and deforestation in the catchment water will affect water quality of water resources,affect ability to re-groundwater and cause more flooding in lowland areas.
Moreover,expansion of urban areas and direct industrial development has resulted in major changes to natural ecosystems compared with the urban jungle.Environmental issues related to urbanization and industrial development is more complex and often more difficult to handle.This includes waste and sewerage,conservation of green areas in the municipality,the problem of urban heat and pollution of air and water.
Because of that,we have to do enforcement integrated in eradicate illegal logging.A river n sea will contaminated and environment perishable effect from activity illegal logging conducted in massive without realize effect will came.From work illegal logging,it will also bringing destruction to problem as flood,global warming,soil erosion and so on.
Beside that,illegal logging also involve endangered animals and habitat destruction.The forest cut for purpose logging,agriculture,opening of the settlement and a new city and industry.Deforestation ecosystems,forest tree the threatened destruction of the extinction us various forest orchids and pitcher,wildlife facing the the threat of extinction us deer.
In conclusion,in Malaysia is a national growing and advanced in various field.But,the rapid growth of the many people not aware that it also bring effect side environmental.Development and exploration activity was disturbing the ecological system earth and cause soil erosion.

Answers 1
I was part of that is due a large garden with many tree morfologi.When to I not cut,I feel very happy.On the other hand,I feel always appreciated.
Answers 2
Effects of all the animals have taken shelter of the trees are endangered animals will occur and loss of habitat.
Answers 3
When trees are cut,the environment will change.There will be global warming,floods,landslides,soil erosion,extinction of animals and loss of habitat
Answers 4
Changes that will occur after the trees are cut down is to make the new city area and where industrial.
Answers 5
Message I want to give to people cutting down trees is that we must appreciate the many benefits of trees,for example,trees can produce oxygen.Beside that,we must protect the environment.
Answers 6
In my opinion,the use of technology in reducing and minimizing the problem of deforestation is the showcase of the beauty and benefits of trees,to appreciate nature,said the effects would occur if deforestation done.
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Material Arts To Protect Student in Malaysia

In Malaysia,student by must martial arts .Many student need to learn martial art for protect self.The material arts is very important and many interest.Interest can we collect with variety this material arts namely silat,teakwando,silambam and so on.
First,give muslim student,they eligible for seeking knowledge silat.This silat many using verses.The variety silat available as silat gayung,silat cekak,and so on.The student can increased of knowledge and skills.Beside that,student also will can sell-care from crime with own without help other people.
Second,student also can learn teakwando.The teakwando chiness country of origin.But,the teakwando increasingly popular in Malaysia.Many school make the units uniform in extra-curricular activities.The activities also,can prevent themselves from engaging activitiesthat negatively.
Third,moreover,the student also can take the part in material arts namely silambam.The silambam judging by mejoriti for Indian people.This silambam,one material arts very challenging,also many using weapons,for example wood.It also,can foster cooperation and unity.
In summary,student want take choose one material arts can protect self from threat danger.